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Theory of Change

Our Vision

Empowering Seniors to age with dignity

Our Mission

Enabling Seniors to lead an enriched quality of life by focusing on their physical, social, and emotional well-being


Diverse aging community members who face barriers to their health and well-being.


Delivering Multi-modal Services | Active Community Engagement | Directing to Support Networks



Well-being Programs | Knowledge Mobilization | Evidence-based Advocacy


York Region | City of Toronto

Strategic Plan

Strategic Goal 1

Meet the Diverse Needs of Seniors Through Evolving Program Offerings

SSN has been successful in delivering equitable programs and services to underserved aging community members within its services areas. With the impact of the pandemic highlighting significant service gaps for Seniors and the need for SSN to expand its services, SSN will undertake a needs assessment that provides updated demographic, social determinants of health, and other needs and barriers faced by Seniors in accessing care.

Strategic Goal 2

Maximize the positive impact to Seniors By Modernizing and Enhancing Our Approach Towards Quality Assurance

Enhancing Care and Experience is critical to ensuring that each community member receives the highest standard of care and experiencing through SSN’s programs and services. SSN will continue to evaluate which programs and services are driving the most impact and explore opportunities to scale them. Having the right quality measures and standards ensures that SSN is achieving both quantifiable and qualitative outcomes that truly improve physical, social, and mental well-being.

Strategic Goal 3

Increase Community Engagement By Enhancing SSN Brand Awareness and Positioning Within Toronto & York Region

SSN’s brand awareness and positioning refers to more than its name and logo. This awareness and positioning signal our identity and value proposition to the community we serve. This includes our programs and services, our willingness to engage with community members and partners, and a clear understanding of how and what SSN aims to deliver.

Strategic Goal 4

Influence Systematic Change Through Evidence-Based Advocacy For All Seniors

The aging community or Seniors population is expected to significantly increase over the years ahead. The aging community is at a risk to be underserved and underfunded and this needs immediate attention from a policy and funding lens.

SSN is grateful to its funders and supporters that enable SSN to provide its current programs and services and we understand the need to maximize impact and outcomes through effective and integrated services. This is why we have designed this strategic plan to actively seek such opportunities, however, collective action is needed to truly address the increased demands and needs of the aging community.

Strategic Goal 5

Empower Seniors To Confidently Navigate Social Systems By Cultivating Support Networks

Finding appropriate care for options for the aging community can be a challenging and time-consuming process that can be overwhelming. If we were to add in barriers related to transportation, language, race, etc., these challenges become daunting and risk Seniors not being able to get the right care at the right time.

Additional complexities such as knowing where to start, who to trust, which options are the right options, or simply having access multiple services through multiple providers can be a scary, lonely, and/or costly experience for our aging community members.

Strategic Plan: Aging With Dignity

Our strategic priorities for the next three years are rooted in our commitment to servicing diverse aging community members who face barriers to their health and well-being. Our strategic goals, objectives, and outcomes, outlined in the plan, provide us the direction that will allow SSN to be a leader in delivering equity based programs and services that increase physical, social, and mental well-being of our Seniors.

For more information, check out our downloadable PDF strategic plan document and video!